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East Africa Travel Tips and Advisories

Visitors are required to have the correct visa documentation on arrival at any of our ports of entry and since these depend on nationality, country of residence and countries through which you have passed en-route, it is essential to check the rules applicable with your travel agent, airline, the nearest tourist office or diplomatic mission.

Clothing and Equipment 
It is recommended to both ladies and gentlemen that light, easy-wear clothing should be worn on safari. A comfortable pair of walking shoes or safari boots, sunglasses, swimming costumes and a warm cardigan is advisable. Do bring along a torch, binoculars, suntan creams, ample films and disposable razors.

A medium sized suitcase and an overnight bag is the usual baggage allowance on most safaris. For your departure please be sure to check your baggage allowance in advance. On the local charter flights only 15 kilos baggage is allowed in soft bags. We suggest that you limit the baggage weight as much as possible to avoid payment of excess weight.

On safari and in our main cities, you can take as many photos as you wish. Please, obtain the consent of the local people before you take their photos. No photo should be taken of the president and the presidential motorcade. No photo should be taken at any of the airports, of the military or the policemen.

Health conditions in Africa are good. Malaria is endemic to certain areas in Africa. All visitors are required to take precautions against Malaria.
It is a very good idea to carry a medical and first-aid kit with you, to help yourself in the case of minor illness or injury. For instance, paracetamol, antibiotics, antidiarrhoeal drugs, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, band aids, oral rehydration salts, hydrocortisone cream, and sunscreen to name a few.

Food is generally European with added luxury of tropical fruits, and excellent sea foods, curries and cold tables. Kenya tea and coffee after main courses is normally included in the tariff.

Tipping and Porterage
Although most hotels and lodges include a service charge, it is still customary and a good gesture to tip.  You should only tip if you are satisfied with the services.

Mosquito Repellant
It is advisable to spray or apply cream on the body parts that are not covered, in the morning before your departure for a game drive and in the evening before you go out for dinner. It would be wise to carry the cream or the spray with you at all times on a safari. Usually the strength of the spray wears out after every 02 hours.

Akamba wood carvings and baskets are plentiful all over the country. Available, also are the famous makonde wood carvings from Tanzania as well as the masks from Zaire and West Africa. Local beads and handicrafts, boutiques are common especially in the Maasai areas. To take home, buy as many souvenirs as you can. Take caution not to purchase prohibited items regarded as the country’s national heritage such as: Ivory, Cheetah, Leopard, Crocodile and Python skins. Please do not buy Ostrich egg, Tortoise shell,  sea shells and corals.

While most major currencies are accepted in the cities, once away from these you may run into problems with currencies other than US dollars. Play it safe and carry US dollars – it makes life much simpler.
Credit cards are becoming increasingly popular, with old fraud-friendly, fully manual swipe machines and the PDQ electronic systems.
Virtually all banks in Kenya now have ATMs at most branches, but their usefulness to travellers varies widely. Most accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Even the staunchest patriot will readily admit that the country’s biggest problem is crime. As a visitor you needn’t feel paranoid, but you should always keep your wits about you, particularly at night.
Perhaps the best advice for when you’re walking around cities and towns is not to carry anything valuable with you. Pick pocketing and bag-snatching are the most common crimes
Although crime is a fact of life, it need not spoil your trip. The honest souls you meet will far outnumber any crooks who cross your path.